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I love long, lonely walks in nature, through the forest, and especially along the sea.

I often see nature as encapsulating a moment of pure joy. Nature is like a place of worship, a place for reflection and creativity.

My attention is drawn to the rhythm of lines, the whimsical interplay of colour and form – for example, how at the point where the lines traced by the horizon and a road intersect, a small tree happens to be growing, or the simple contrast of birch trees against a background of other trees, and so on. The overall impression one gets is somewhat surreal and amusing.


Nature and I, or nature and a human being, that’s how I would describe my soul’s vision of the world. When both elements flow together and combine, the psychological experiences and emotional states in one’s life – at the base of which are fear, imagination, illusions, suspicions, sorrow, beauty, joy, faith, love – are reflected.


I paint my feelings and sensations in relation to my observations of the all-encompassing cosmic beauty and horror of nature and their connection with all living things. I create every painting as its own story, surrendering to the subjective emotions and circumstances of that moment.


I am convinced that reality is far more expansive, far vaster than we can perceive with our five senses alone. Reality is multi-faceted and transparent. Matter does not equal reality.

Since my childhood I’ve spent a great deal of time in nature, I have understood this on an intuitive level and these feelings are at the base of everything I paint. In spring, shortly before the leaves begin to appear on the trees, there is this kind of electric moment when you can see auras around every tree. They appear colourful yet transparent and with a defined aura line. I notice these quite a bit and this vision inspires me.

An individual’s relationship with themselves and their social milieu also has an incredibly multi-faceted and ethereal character.


I feel deeply connected to the non-material world in all its vastness. I perceive this best in nature, in human experiences, relationships, and I enjoy painting these observations.

  • Ilze Raudina paintings
  • Ilze Raudina Paintings
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